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Bright Green Parrot Feather Earrings

These beautiful earrings are made from recycled parrot feathers from a Blue Fronted Amazon. They are a bright, nearly neon, green. They are just under 3.5 inches long.

These earrings would be great as an added splash of colour to a little black dress or to pump up a neon outfit.

Earring hooks are added upon purchase.

All feathers used in our products are recycled from happy, healthy birds.


Nearly neon green feather earrings.
Nearly neon green feather earrings.

When a fish loves a bird

I really enjoy doing animal-bird mash-ups. In this case a fish bird mash-up. This was a beautiful pendant I picked up during my travels in Asia and decided to give it wings, so to speak. The feathers are from a Macaw I believe, they came as a donations so I can’t quite be sure. It was snatched up early on at the 2013 VancouFur convention.

Fish Pendant with Macaw Feathers*


Stay tuned for more animal mas-up updates. Or if you have a custom design you want made send us a message!