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Brass Coloured Rhinestone Eyed Floral Skull Pendant with Yellow and Red Macaw Feathers

This brass coloured skull pendant has been revamped with some vibrant yellow and red macaw feathers. It has silver rhinestone eyes and a small rhinestone in the center of the flower. The flower has pink, blue, green, yellow and red painted petals. Pendant length with feathers is 3 inches. Comes with 27 inch long brass coloured chain necklace.

Get your dias los muertos on all year long with this necklace!

All our feathers are recycled from happy, healthy birds.

When a fish loves a bird

I really enjoy doing animal-bird mash-ups. In this case a fish bird mash-up. This was a beautiful pendant I picked up during my travels in Asia and decided to give it wings, so to speak. The feathers are from a Macaw I believe, they came as a donations so I can’t quite be sure. It was snatched up early on at the 2013 VancouFur convention.

Fish Pendant with Macaw Feathers*


Stay tuned for more animal mas-up updates. Or if you have a custom design you want made send us a message!