Parrotphernalia = /ˈparətfə(r)ˈneɪliə/ Unique accessories made from naturally molted parrot feathers.

How we started:

Our line of accessories and décor was inspired by my dear friend Sir Lawrence Bird aka Larry, a Blue Fronted Amazon. When Larry was moulting, I came up with the idea to recycle his feathers so they could have another life with someone else. Unlike other feather pieces you buy in most stores, ours guarantee that no animals were harmed or killed to produce it. We have had other donations by fine feathered friends which allow us to make many more designs with an array of colours. Each piece is unique, and no two are exactly a like.

Feather donations:

We accept donations! If you would like to see your bird’s feathers get a second chance at life feel free to contact us. In return we will make you a lovely accessory with the feathers as a thank-you for your donation.


Have a special event coming up ? Got costume that needs something special? WE CAN HELP! We make custom designs for weddings, special events, costumes, you name it! Send us a message on our contact page and we will be in touch!

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